Hiking and Walking Trails in the Rocky Mountains

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Near Estes Park

Estes Park hiking trails abound near The Estes Park Resort. There are few things more invigorating than taking a brisk jog within the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, or hiking through the pristine wooded forests that surround our lodge.

A 3.83-mile jogging path circles Lake Estes, available for walking, running or bicycling. On the south side of the trail is the Matthews-Reeser Bird Sanctuary where migrating birds can first be spotted in the spring. The more adventurous can take to the more than 300 miles of hiking trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. From photography to cycling to bird watching, activities along the trail are endless. If you are lucky, you may get to see some of the wildlife that share the park with over 3 million visitors annually.

Not sure where to go? There are several outfitters that can help you with your Rocky Mountain hiking vacation, from offering trail maps to providing quality gear to leading guided hikes.